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Training materials available for purchase separately.

The classes listed below are currently not taught on site but we have materials and study guides available for purchase in order to assist in passing your exam.

Please note that a fee of $10 will be added to your order for shipping and handling.

Georgia Property and Casualty

Product Name Price Buy Now
GA Property & Casualty Study Manual $ 75.00
GA P&C Exam Review Study Simulator $ 65.00
GA P&C Counselor Study Materials $ 325.00
NOTE: $10 will be added to your order for shipping and handling.

Life Accident & Sickness

Product Name Price Buy Now
GA Life, Accident & Sickness Study Manual $ 75.00
GA LAS Exam Review Study Simulator $ 65.00
GA LAS Counselor Study Materials $ 325.00
NOTE: $10 will be added to your order for shipping and handling.

Excess / Surplus

Product Name Price Buy Now
Excess Surplus Lines Study Materials $ 300.00
NOTE: $10 will be added to your order for shipping and handling.


Product Name Price Buy Now
English Glossary of Insurance Terms $ 40.00
Spanish Glossary of Insurance Terms $ 40.00
NOTE: $10 will be added to your order for shipping and handling.


I really did not have any doubts that I would pass, Mr. Bing thoroughly prepared us...God bless you both and now, I am going to sell some INSURANCE!!!!
Lorita P.
I took the Adjuster state exam this afternoon and I passed!!!!!!  Special thanks to  Andrea, Cynthia, Ron and last but certainly not least Mr. Al Bing! 
Krystal S.
I took the P & Cweekend classes in September. Al Bing was a great instructor. I did it with Kaplan online and failed 3 times. I thank Al for all his help because I passed my exam on the first try. Thank you again, it Is greatly appreciated.
Danielle G.
I wish I had teachers all through school like Shirley, I would have learned a lot more! Thank you for her, you must be a fantastic employer, because it is obvious that she loves what she does.
I took my exam on 11/26 and passed without any issues. Thanks so much!
Danielle R.
Thank you for the excellent class last week! I passed my  P & C exam this morning and know it is thanks to the guidance and support from RS Thomas! Thanks so much and keep up the good work!
Danielle G.
A colleague and I took the Life & Health class with Miss Shirley. She was very knowledgeable and did everything to make sure we knew the material before we took the test this morning. I am very pleased to say that Christy & I both passed the exam!
Melissa S.
I just wanted to give a big "Thanks" to Mr. Bing. I took the P&C class last week and took my test the next day on Saturday. I passed!!!! I really learned a lot.
Terica L.
...thanks for all you’ve done for my job security!
Christy B.
I would like to thank you all for providing  exceptional classroom instruction.  I will continue to recommend your course to my colleagues.  
Angela C
Thank you for all your support in prparing me for the Public Adjuster Exam!!!!
Denita R.
Before taking your class, I had taken a competitor’s insurance course and failed the exam for a Personal Lines License.  Thamk you for encouraging me to stick with your course for the entire week. As a result, I am now a licensed P&C agent! 
Vicky M
I took the exam Tuesday. Yeah I passed. Your course and Shirley is all anyone will need to pass.
Linda L.
I will go on every social media site and tell every person I meet  that R. S. Thomas Training is the place to go to get your state licensing training done.  Again I thank you.
Jonathan N
...the exam was cake, tell Al thanks again. He came highly recommended and he did not disappoint.
Brian T.
Just wanted to let you know I passed the P&C agent exam this morning...only took 1 hour...Thank you very much. All 40 hours were entertaining and interesting.
Al Bing made all of the agents and adjusters in the class feel comfortable, motivated, and eager to take the test. Also, I would like to thank C .W. Copeland and the entire R.S Thomas staff for their professionalism and hard work.
Tori B
The material is made simple, and it helps knowing that they are enthusiastic about insurance and teaching as well. Seriously, couldn't have asked for better!
Blake D.
I was just contacting you to thank you for how well you prepared us for the series 6 & 63 exams. I took your course back in September and had to take the test the following week. I thought I would let you know I passed both. Thanks again.
Luther L
I passed both P&C Agent and Life Accident & Sickness State Exams in less than six weeks... Mr Al, Mrs Howard, and the R S Thomas Training Associates personnel; please receive my sincere thanks for making it happen!
Stan S.
Al, Passed the exam today! You are the best and thanks for teaching the class that allowed me to pass with minimal difficulty.
Charlene D.
Mr. Bing was an energetic teacher that brought life to learning P&C.
Kathleen D.
I obtained both my P&C license and my Life and Health after attending the RS Thomas Insurance School. I unequivocally recommend this school for all your insurance education.
Brian T.
Just wanted to let you know I passed the P&C agent exam this morning. Thank you very much.
Stan S.
Thanks for your effort in teaching the class that allowed me to pass with minimal difficulty.
Terica L.
I’d like to thank RS Thomas and especially Al Bing for breaking down the complexity of insurance  and giving me the confidence needed to pass my test!
S. L.
I passed without any issues. Your teaching style is very effective and key points stuck!
Tori B
Shirley Howard and Al Bing were FANTASTIC! I have never in my years of education had such a clear understand of rather difficult material.
Walter H.
Thank you and R.S. Thomas for the class and preparation. I would not have passed if not for the good Lord and your class.
Thomas S.
Took the P&C Exam this morning, I passed with ease…Thanks for the instruction AL!
I had the pleasure of taking the P & C class taught by Al Bing...because of his expert knowledge and lasting impression, that I was compelled to return for the Series class.
Derrick D.
Good news, I also passed the Agent Exam today on first attempt. I originally came to class to get an Adjuster License and passed exam on the first attempt. After learning that I could get Agent License using the same class I decided to go for it.
Shonna P.
You have guided me in the right direction while inspiring me to be the best that I could be. I will always remember the knowledge and skills that you have gracefully given to me. P.S Congratulations again on all your accomplishment .
Hugh W
Mr Bing, If I do need training classes to pass a test in the future, I will contact RS Thomas and request when you are teaching.
Latasha T.
I passed!! Thank you for being such a great instructor.
Walter H
I took the P&C class last week. Took the test today. I will recommend R.S. Thomas to all I know.
S. L.
I enjoyed your class. I am happy to know you are out there and will pass your name along to others.
Brian T.
I passed the P&C agent exam this morning, only took 1 hour. I am brand new to the industry, so I think it says a lot about the class.
Linda L.
During my test I had a question asking the difference between a friendly fire and a hostile fire.  My mind went to the story that Mr Bing told. It was absolutely hilarious and at the same time very relevant and it help me pass my test the first time.
Brook T
I passed the exam first time and finished in less than an hour. You put great effort into your teaching.
Brook T.
Thank you for taking pride in your teaching, when it was exam time I knew without doubt the answers
Brook T.
I'll be starting a new career in the personal auto lines... Thank you! And thank the RS Thomas Team.
Rob D.
Hey Guys I wanted to let you know that I took and passed the adjuster exam this morning. Strictly from my notes and what we covered in class.    Thanks Mr. Bing, your quizzes seemed harder than the actual exam.
Brian T.
Thank you very much. Here's to a fun and profitable career.
Micahel W
Mr Bing will make sure you get all the information needed for the test. I needed this test to keep a job and I aced it! R S Thomas is the leader in Adjusters Test Preparation. BAR NONE!! :-)
Sonya B.
I took and passed my LAS test yesterday.  Please thank Ms. Shirley for me. I could not have done it without her. She made learning the material interesting and fun.  She is the best and I will continue to use RS Thomas for my training/licensing needs.
Kathleen D.
Al Bean the P&C instructor and Shirley Woods Howard the Life & Health instructor are both excellent teachers with a command of the subject matter. 
Stan S.
Passed the exam today! You are the best.
Krystal S.
I passed my exam on the first try. I am ecstatic to start my new venture in this field. I wish he did Life and Health too. Thank you. Don’t ever change.
Haylea W.
I was in your August class for the 40 hr P&C and took your for the crash review 20hr class. I took the exam the other day and I PASSED! Thank you for your help and I will only refer people for now on to your class.
Shaquisha R.
I passed the exam. Took 24 days from start of class to the scheduling of my exam. I have changed my life in less than 30 days. Excellent school, instructor, and experience.
Jennifer C.
Thank you so much for a fantastic course last week!!  I’m one of the 95% and PASSED ON THE FIRST TRY!!!  I could not have done it without your class.
I just completed the Property and Casualty class on yesterday and I signed up to take the exam today.  I am very pleased to say that I PASSED! 
Lauren M
Ron, I took the exam this morning and I passed. I appreciate what you and everyone at your company does.
Rachael M.
I was in your LAS class last week as the banker with BB&T J I just wanted to let you know that I passed my exam yesterday!
Christy B.
There was a lot of information that had to be covered in a weeks time and the instructor, Mr. Al Bing, covered the information efficiently and effectively.
Brian T.
Just writing to tell you all how much I enjoyed the P and C class! Mr. Bing was a fantastic teacher and the ladies in the office were always so nice. I have already passed my test and am on my way up! Thanks to you all.
Michelle C.
Hooray! I just passed my test on first try! Thanks for your help.
I passed my life test. Thank You
Linda L.
I just wanted to commend you on the exceptional training that you provide there at R SThomas. I was just in the March 2nd class.  I took my exam on yesterday March 24th and passed ! 
Terica L.
Having little to no experience in the insurance industry, I was able to come into your class and pass my adjuster’s licensing test on the first try!
Sonya W
After finishing your class on Sunday, I took the P&C state test on Tuesday and passed - whew!! I went into the class not very knowledgeable about insurance. I greatly enjoyed your class and learned a lot.
Jennifer C.
THIRTY MINUTES and a PASS!!! I appreciate all of you!!! Mr. Alfonzo C. Bing is absolutely the BEST Instructor EVER!!!
Shonna P.
As students, many teachers and educators will pass through our lives without remembrance. Thank you for being one of the special educators who will live on forever in the minds and hearts of the students whose lives you have touched.
Katie E
I passed the exam on the first attempt! Tell Ms Shirley thanks!
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